You know, you just cannot make this stuff up.  A disbarred lawyer was recently arrested for an outstanding warrant of felony fraud.  He was found with $12,000 in cash in his car and another $838,000 in cash in a rented storage room.  He had some guns with the $838K.  

But, that is normal for John B. Kennedy.  In 2004, he was arrested for practicing law without a license.  Then, his son found $1 million in cash crammed into a suitcase in the a closet at the elder Kennedy’s house.  See Houston Chronicle report.   In 2004, Mr. Kennedy had been disbarred by the Texas, Delaware and the District of Columbia bar associations.  His former wife speculated that he had accumulated the cash from agreeing to represent clients for cash and then just stashing it. 

I don’t get it. …  Am I the only lawyer who keeps his $838K in his tackle box?