I have written about the Trump election lawyers, including Rudy Giuliani here and here. I expressed amazement that so many lawyers were willing to risk their law licenses advocating frivolous election claims. And, now the other shoe has dropped. A Washington D.C. attorney Bar committee has recommended that Rudy Giuliani be disbarred. It is an extraordinary development for someone who was once one of the leading lawyers in our country.

An attorney discipline committee is typically comprised of volunteer attorneys. Such committees include lawyers who experience every day the same issues Rudy Giuliani experienced. Mr. Giuliani cannot say his client made him do it. He cannot say he was dealing with a difficult judge. In essence, a jury of his peers studied Mr. Giuliani’s actions up close and found them wanting. Even now, I just cannot believe any lawyer would so risk his/her law license.

See Politico news report here for more information. Even if the committee’s recommendation is not accepted by the larger committee, this is still an event which Giuliani would have to self-report on various bar applications throughout what is left of his legal career.