In the legal business, lawsuits are governed by deadlines referred to as “statutes of limitation.”  A lawsuit must be filed within the applicable statute of limitation.  A suit based on personal injury must be filed within two years of the act complained of.  If the last day of the two year period falls on a

Lawsuits are tricky. They must be filed within a certain deadline, known as "statutes of limitation."  If a person misses the statute of limitation without a very, very good reason, that person cannot file the lawsuit. Statutes of limitations are very important. A suit based on personal injury must be filed within two years of

This is a blog.  Blogs are growing in popularity.  On this blog, you can find my name and contact information easily.  But, a few blogs are anonymous for various reasons.  One such blog, "Reynolds News & Information," was started by an anonymous blogger known as "Trooper."  The blog attacked an Ohio based software developer, Reynolds

Many employees are falsely accused of transgression at work.  There is very little any worker can do about a false accusation.  Defamation is very difficult to prove in the workplace.  I wrote about defamation under Texas law here.  As I mentioned in that post, to overcome the qualified privilege in the workplace, one would

Joseph Rakofsky sued some 74 people, who had the temerity to criticize him on the internet and other places.  I previously wrote about his lawsuit against everybody here.  He filed suit in the state of New York against everyone from the Washington Post to the ABA Bar Journal  to  He sued a few

Social media has spawned new sorts of litigation.  An Assistant Attorney General in Michigan learned that the hard way.  Andrew Shirwell started a blog titled the "Chris Armstrong Watch" blog.  Chris Armstrong is a former student leader at the University of Michigan and is openly gay.  Mr. Shirwell, the former Assistant AG, describes himself as a "right-wing

I get calls now and then from folks who are the subject of a discrimination investigation.  The best thing you can do is cooperate with the investigation.  You are still an employee and could be terminated for failing to cooperate with an investigation.  Do not expect fairness or even high quality.  There is no duty

Defamation refers to uspeaking an untruthful statement about someone.  "Libel" refers to written defamation.  "Slander" refers to oral defamation.  In the employment context, defamation has an extra hurdle.  In Texas, to charge an employer with defamation, the defamation must be made in the course and scope of his/her employment.  That is, the defamatory statement must

 Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer has dropped his lawsuit against BAE Systems OASYS.  They have reached a settlement.  See San Antonio Express News report.  The terms of the settlement have not been released.  It is routine in employment related cases to make the terms of any settlement agreement confidential. 

Every lawsuit has another side.  Now, we hear from Dakota Meyer’s former supervisor at BAE Systems OASYS Inc.  Bobby McCreight, Mr. Meyer’s former boss, filed his Answer to Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer’s lawsuit.  Mr. Meyer’s lawsuit accuses Mr. McCreight of defaming Mr. Meyer and costing him a new job.  Mr. Meyer had applied