The report regarding the harassment of Jonathan Martin has been issued.  It finds that he was bullied.  That is not a surprise.  I previously wrote about the harassment of the NFL player  here.  The NFL investigator found that guard John Perry and center Mike Pouncey followed Richie Incognito’s lead in harassing Mr. Martin.  Mr.

Facebook has become a big part of the lives of many Americans in a very short amount of time.  One photographer recently was hired to take senior pictures at a high school.  The photographer came across a FB page poking fun at some girls.  Someone had created a fictitious name just so they could post

 Workplace harassment takes many forms.  In the San Antonio Police Department, two police officers stuffed trash in a female co-worker’s mailbox.  They hid her squad car when she needed it. Now, the two male co-workers have been placed on suspension.  See San Antonio Express News story.  One of the male police officers is 31

You think the workplace bullying is bad where you work?  Meg Whitman, former eBay executive and current candidate for Governor of California, is accused of shoving an employee.  Ms. Whitman’s campaign claims it was just a verbal altercation.  Either way, it resulted in a $200,000 setlement, reportedly.  See report.  I guess things get tense

 Workplace bullying leads to insomnia, even for those co-workers who merely observe the harassment.  In a study conducted of middle aged persons in France, men and women who suffered some harassment at work were twice as likely to suffer sleeping problems.  For the study, they defined bullying as hostile actions designed to offend or oppress

 A recent study indicates that while men tend to be equal opportunity bullies, women tend to bully other women.  Bullying may be ineffective, but it still occurs.  I have not run into woman on woman bullying in any lawsuits, but it appears to be a fact at some workplaces.  If you wish to be heard