Facebook has become a big part of the lives of many Americans in a very short amount of time.  One photographer recently was hired to take senior pictures at a high school.  The photographer came across a FB page poking fun at some girls.  Someone had created a fictitious name just so they could post hurtful comments about other students.  

Jen McKen decided that she would not take photos of the girls who were using FB to bully other girls.  She emailed them the night before, included a copy of their comments and said she would not take their pictures.  See Jen Mcken’s blog about her photo shoot.  She returned their deposits. 

Good for her.  As she explains, she cannot know all the bullies in school.  But, if she knows someone is being a bully, she will not take their picture.  When last I checked, she had 375 comments on her blog post mostly all supporting her stand. 

I am told that Jen’s Facebook page has "blown up" from too much traffic.  Many people apparently support her.