Workplace harassment takes many forms.  In the San Antonio Police Department, two police officers stuffed trash in a female co-worker’s mailbox.  They hid her squad car when she needed it. Now, the two male co-workers have been placed on suspension.  See San Antonio Express News story.  One of the male police officers is 31 years old, the other is 39 years old.  Age does not guarantee maturity. They sent derogatory messages to the female officer and about her on SAPD computers.  One officer received a 60 day suspension.  The other received an "indefinite suspension."  He has essentially been fired.  

The news report does not explain what lead up to the pranks and harassment.  But, to risk termination, I hope it was in their eyes a very good reason.  Unfortunately, as I have mentioned in other posts, workplace bullying is more common than it ought to be.  See prior posts.