The corporate world can be harsh.  Mega Corporation takes over slightly Smaller Corporation.  New management takes over the local sales office.  For unknown reasons, new management decides they need new sales representatives and a new regional manager.  New management lays off seven people total in the local office.  Four out of the seven have just received raises and bonuses. They are all successful employees. 

To avoid the spike in the unemployment insurance rates, they notify each employee in writing that s/he is "voluntary terminated."  Its not true.  These terminations came with no warning.  But, in claiming "voluntary termination," new management make it very difficult for the newly laid off employees to obtain unemployment benefits.  They escort the victims out the door and promise to ship them their personal belongings. This all happens just a few weeks before Christmas.  

And, since the new management gave no reason for the lay off, the newly fired employees cannot claim discrimination.  In Texas, we follow the "at will" doctrine.  An employee can be fired at will for any reason.  The only exception for most people is some form of discrimination.   Since new management provided no reason for the "voluntary terminations," the employees have no viable lawsuit.  They have no clue why they were chosen for termination and not the other 15 or so employees.  If they cannot tell the judge and jury why they were fired, how can they file a lawsuit?

I spent 12 months in Iraq, a place where the terrorists tried to kill us everyday.  I was only there one tour.  The war has lasted several years.  But, I noticed my one Christmas in a war zone, the terrorists were pretty quiet Christmas day.  In Iraq, everyday was a work day.  But, on Christmas, most of us got half a day off or more, since it was relatively quiet.  I have joked in the past that it was nice the terrorists showed a little professional courtesy and let us have one semi-safe day a year.  Hate to say it, but I think the terrorists when I was there were a little more humane than some corporations I could name….