This anti-Muslim bias is kind of crazy. Rational people can hold such irrational views. Do we really judge a religion of hundreds of millions of followers by the actions of a few hundred? Well, yes, state Rep. Molly White does. A Muslim group recently held its seventh annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin. Rep.

Discrimination cases are difficult. They are more difficult than many other types of cases, because there is an intrinsic bias against discrimination claimants. As Judge Kopf (of Hercules and the Umpire blog) said, many judges are simply skeptical about discrimination claims. We see some of the challenges in this article about successful discrimination and retaliation

In a recent decision, the Fifth Circuit cleared up some confusion regarding how to show disability discrimination. In EEOC v. LHC Group, Inc., No. 13-60703 (5th Cir. 12/11/2014), the court noted that Fifth Circuit jurisprudence had three different versions of a prima facie case for showing disability discrimination. All three versions required the plaintiff