This anti-Muslim bias is kind of crazy. Rational people can hold such irrational views. Do we really judge a religion of hundreds of millions of followers by the actions of a few hundred? Well, yes, state Rep. Molly White does. A Muslim group recently held its seventh annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day in Austin. Rep. White would be gone for the weekend, but she told her staff to ask any Muslim entering her office to renounce Islam terrorist groups and swear allegiance to the US and our laws. Did she instruct her staff to ask any Christian entering her office to renounce the KKK?

Rep. White did not expect the hullabaloo that followed her instructions. She says now that she chose her words poorly. But, no, she will not let go of her bias toward all Muslims. See Texas Tribune report. Rep. White said if she could do things differently, then she would make it clear her words were directed toward CAIR, not against all Muslims. On Facebook, she reportedly said we should not trust any Muslim, no matter how peaceful they appear.

Rep. White describes the Council on American-Islamic Relations as a terrorist group. She took a statement made by the executive director of CAIR’s office out of context to assert that CAIR believes it is above the law of the land. What the director actually said was, Muslims do not need Sharia law. If they are practicing Muslims, then they are above the law of the land. So, if Sharia was made the law of the land, that would not affect them – because they should already have the law of Islam in their hearts. The director explained on Monday what he actually meant by that phrase. But, Rep. White chose not to respond. Yes, it is hard to confront one’s own internal bias.