I previously wrote about the whistle blower allegations against Attorney General Ken Paxton here and here. I said then that it seemed like a clear whistle blower violation. And, sure enough, now AG Paxton has agreed to settle their claims. As part of that settlement, AG Paxton has agreed to apologize for calling former senior members of his staff “rogue employees.” The full apology will state that the AG “accepts that plaintiffs acted in a manner that they thought was right and apologizes for referring to them as ‘rogue employees.’” The AG’s office will have to pay $3.3 million to settle these claims. See Texas Tribune story here.

It is one thing to be conservative. But, to simply practice law like a novice is unforgivable for a Texas state Attorney General. Firing these senior staff persons and then mounting frivolous defenses all just looks so inept. If you are going to be corrupt, at least demonstrate some skill in the process.