Ken Paxton cannot stay out of the news. He also does not hesitate to advance novel, even tenuous legal theories. I previously wrote here about the State Bar of Texas filing suit regarding AG Paxton’s law license. Now, AG Paxton has ¬†responded by filing a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. In his motion to dismiss, he claims the lawsuit is politically motivated. He also claims the State Bar’s Commission for Lawyer Discipline has no authority to police decisions made by officers of the executive branch. <eye roll> Yes, he really said that. See Texas Tribune report here.

I expect the judge will spend little time with this motion. The Commission may lack authority over decisions by executive branch officers. But, it possesses ample authority over law licenses had by those same executive branch officers. Of course, it is very likely AG Paxton knows his motion is frivolous. He has become the expert at delaying legal actions.