Another whistle blower has been forced out of his job in the Trump Administration. Dr. Rick Bright, a scientist at the National Institute of Health and a vaccine expert, has resigned. He submitted a whistle blower complaint several months ago. See my prior post here. His complaint was very detailed, extending over some 300 pages. He was demoted because he opposed the use of hydroycloraquine as a treatment for the COVID19. The Office of Special Counsel found in his favor, a rare enough event that would justify popping some champagne bottles.

Dr. Bright has now submitted an amended complaint which states that he still has not been assigned any meaningful duty. That itself is a crime in this pandemic area, that a person with his experience is not being utilized. See CBS news report here. This administration is truly a full-employment program for employment lawyers. And, worse, this administration is handing to the plaintiff lawyer bar some excellent cases against the federal government.