I previously wrote about a butt-shaking lawyer here. Attorney Dennis Duffy shook his “booty” to the opposing attorney at a mediation. He mocked the attorney’s ponytail. Dennis Duffy was a  big firm lawyer at the time. The opposing attorney, Alfonso Kennard filed a motion asking the judge to disqualify Mr. Duffy from representing the Defendant. He sought sanctions. The Defendant, Chevron Oil, wisely changed lawyers soon after the motion was filed. But, the motion remained.

Judge Lee Rosenthal in Houston denied the motion for sanctions. The judge was clearly unhappy with Mr. Duffy’s antics. She accepts that Mr. Duffy was guilty of the conduct of which he was accused. She accepted sealed statements from Mr. Kennard and the mediator. She said Mr. Kennard’s conduct was also imperfect. She noted that the story has gone viral. Mr. Duffy’s reputation and ability to attract new business have suffered, which it should, noted he judge. The judge also noted that Chevron replaced Mr. Duffy with new lawyers and a new law firm.

And, indeed, Mr. Duffy left his former law firm and is now working for a different law firm. We should all know better than to engage in such unprofessional behavior. Certainly, Mr. Duffy, the self-professed Rambo lawyer, should know better.

Be Safe.