I previously wrote about a butt-shaking lawyer here. Attorney Dennis Duffy shook his “booty” to the opposing attorney at a mediation. He mocked the attorney’s ponytail. Dennis Duffy was a  big firm lawyer at the time. The opposing attorney, Alfonso Kennard filed a motion asking the judge to disqualify Mr. Duffy from representing the

What happens in mediations stays in mediations – or should. Dennis Duffy, a lawyer who has practiced in San Antonio, El Paso and now in Houston, attended a mediation in Houston in 2019. According to Above the Law blog, he tried a new tactic at the mediation. The plaintiff’s lawyer was Alfonso Kennard. Mr. Duffy

In many lawsuits, the two opposing parties eventually turn to mediation or talks about settlement. Not every case settles at mediation, but many do. Typically at mediation, if the parties reach a verbal agreement, they then reduce that verbal agreement to a very brief written agreement. The mediator will usually have on hand a generic,

SAWS (San Antonio Water System) recently lost the apeal of their million dollar loss in Bexar County distirict court.  I previously wrote about that appellate decision here.  

That defense has cost SAWS $492,000 over four years.  This amount includes the trial, the appeal and the EEOC charge.  See San Antonio Express News report

Mediation is now a common part of any lawsuit.  The EEOC has also embraced mediation.  Mediation is the process by which a nuetral third person explores the possibility of settlement.  When the EEOC performs mediation, it provides its own mediator.  The EEOC mediators are not active investigators.  Usually, at a mediation, the two parties remain