Lawsuits are generally emotional. Both sides feel strong emotions as the lawsuit progresses. It is tempting to seek a megaphone of some sort and proclaim to the world the injustice being foisted upon us. But, only a few of us have the megaphone Alex Jones has. Alex Jones, the infamous Infowars host has been sued by family members of the Sandy Hook massacre. Mr. Jones incredibly proclaimed for months and years that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged and not real. Some family member sued him for defamation. Eventually, Mr. Jones admitted the Sandy Hook massacre was not staged.

Alex Jones after a long protracted fight over documents finally produced large stacks of emails and other documents. Part of those documents included child pornography. Mr. Jones accused one of the lead lawyers of trying to frame Mr. Jones with the child porn. The district judge sanctioned Mr. Jones for that conduct. She called it indefensible, unconscionable and possibly criminal. She ruled that the sanctions would include an order that the Jones defense could not seek certain types of motions to dismiss, and that Mr. Jones must pay attorney’s fees for the Sandy Hook families. See CNN news report here.

There is never a good time to comment publicly on a lawsuit. Any comments should be reserved for later, after the lawsuit is over. But, Alex Jones is not a “later” sort of guy. The child porn may have simply been sent to Infowars by listeners. This could all be quite inadvertent. But, in making an issue of it, this defendant made things much worse for himself.