The request is a little silly. Gov. Abbott has asked the Texas National Guard to “monitor” the U.S. Army Special Forces as it performs some training at Camp Swift, near Bastrop. The Camp Swift exercise is part of a seven state training exercise for the SF guys. Some folks in Bastrop were concerned. They seem to think Pres. Obama is about to take over Texas. Special Forces Command says some 1200 SF soldiers will take part in the exercise at some 17 locations in Texas. Special Forces does this periodically. They need new training areas, preferably in urban areas. SF guys train so often that the mock urban villages at Ft. Bragg, Ft. Hood and elsewhere become stale and predictable. The Bastrop citizens were not satisfied with the Special Forces Command spokesman explanation of the training. So, the Governor’s office announced it had asked the Texas Guard to monitor.

As one senator said, that is a bit like asking the Marines to monitor training by the Army. What would be the purpose? Gov. Abbott is giving in to strange conspiracy theories instead of addressing the lack of foundation for such theories. As the SF spokesman said, the Bastrop folks are concerned with the training and the Obama administration. But, the spokesman, a lieutenant-colonel, has served through five different administrations over 27 years. This institution, the U.S. Army has been around for 200 years, he added. He indicated they could trust him and the Special Forces Command. But, the folks in attendance at the briefing were not satisfied.

But, I think it is safe to say, there are no plans to take over Texas, or even Bastrop. See San Antonio Express-News report (account required).