Dwight Lieb, the owner of the well-known La Fogata restaurant, makes the point I was addressing in my post about CPS. Happy workers make better workers. He asks what are "happy" workers? Happy workers are those employees who derive some satisfaction from their job and feel empowered to realize professional goals at their jobs.  See San Antonio Express News commentary (account required). He says the food tastes better when the workers are happy. What he is saying is that the workers produce a better product when they are content. 

He makes the important point that to develop content workers, a business owner or manager must first listen to their employees. In the Army, we were taught from the very first officer leadership course to listen. We received good training in counseling. It is not easy to counsel or to listen. But, the more you do it, the better you get. Indeed, I would say that is the difference between leadership and mere management. Leadership fosters team work. Management simply directs employ toward specified tasks. 

Mr. Lieb cites a Gallup survey which found that the 30% of the U.S. workforce that is actively engaged comes up with the best ideas and the most creative solutions. The worker who called her supervisor a "bitch" for calling her while she was on-call might well become the best worker if she was simply heard and respected. See my prior post on CPS here. Yes, calling your supervisor a name is serious. That CPS worker should have received some discipline. But, I bet the events leading up to that phone call would reveal a supervisor who did not listen. 

People want more money and more perks. But, the best workers will seek out greater responsibility over greater pay.