The San Antonio regional office of the EEOC has filed two discrimination lawsuits here in the Alamo City.  One suit is against AA Foundries, Inc. alleging racial discrimination.  The lawsuit claims that a AA Foundries supervisor routinely used the "n" word and that a hangman’s noose was displayed.  The breakroom also displayed racially offensive materials.  

According to the EEOC, when asked about the noose, an AA manager simply laughed it off.  When asked about the breakroom materials, the same supervisor simply responded that no one was required to read the materials.  The AA Foundries defense lawyer now suggests that the noose was a one-time incident by an "idiot."  AA Foundries employs some 20 persons.  The lawsuit is filed on behalf of four former employees. 

The EEOC also filed suit against Universal Toyota for age discrimination.  Universal Toyota is owned by Red McCombs.  The suit claims Univeral Toyota would not allow older salesman to sell the Scion.  The Scion is marketed to a younger customer.  According to the suit, several salesmen were told flatly they were too old to sell the Scion. One salesman was terminated after he complained about the discrimination. 

The San Antonio office includes a wide geographic area extending into New Mexico.  Only rarely do they file suits here in San Antonio.  I would expect they have good evidence before filing these two lawsuits.