The employer who lost its discrimination trial in 2012 has dropped its appeal.  A jury in U.S. district court awarded three plaintiffs $200,000 in damages.  That amount was later reduced to $140,000 due to statutory caps on damages.  See San Antonio Express News report.  

The manager was accused of using the "n" word

A federal court here in San Antonio has found in favor of employees who sued AA Foundries.  i first wrote about the lawsuit here.  A manager was accused of using the n- word frequently.  A hangman’s noose was found in the breakroom.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed suit on behalf of four former

The San Antonio regional office of the EEOC has filed two discrimination lawsuits here in the Alamo City.  One suit is against AA Foundries, Inc. alleging racial discrimination.  The lawsuit claims that a AA Foundries supervisor routinely used the "n" word and that a hangman’s noose was displayed.  The breakroom also displayed racially offensive materials.