I believe you can often discern the better places to work just by walking in the front door.  If employees are willing to chat with a visitor or assist with questions beyond their normal area of expertise, that is probably a positive working environment.  Such a workplace has high morale.  But, if the workers are resistant or guarded in their responses, then that work place probably has low morale.  What happens when some 23 employees take a test and 18 of those 23 cheat on the test?  What does that say about that particular working environment?

23 Bexar Metropolitan Water District took a required test for a Class C water distribution system operator license.  The test is administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  It is a standard test for for large municipal water systems.  Achieving the Class C certification means the employee understands how to work on water lines without contaminating the water system.  See San Antonio Express News report.  TCEQ investigated possible cheating and found some test-takers had the answers to a recent test.  

TCEQ decided to void all the tests.  Everyone must re-take that test.  Bexar Met fired 18 employees for involvement in this cheating scandal.  

Bexar Met continues to have many problems.