Two researchers studied employee morale via work journals from 238 professionals.  A Harvard business professor and a Harvard psychologist collaborated to find four ways managers can ruin morale:

  1. Stall the worker’s most meaningful projects.  Such as one manager who routinely moved people on and off projects apparently at his whim.
  2. Block progress on goals.  Such

You know, its almost like some employers want to be sued.  Or, they want strife of some sort.  I once had seven women come see me about their job.  As I listened to the ladies, I realized their claims were less about discrimination and more about horrible working conditions.  They worked in a small office.

I believe you can often discern the better places to work just by walking in the front door.  If employees are willing to chat with a visitor or assist with questions beyond their normal area of expertise, that is probably a positive working environment.  Such a workplace has high morale.  But, if the workers are