When I was a young lawyer, I did child abuse cases. I represented children who had been abused or neglected. In one of those cases, I represented two children. The mostly absent father came to my office and made threats to almost everyone he encountered there. I was gone, so I missed the drama. One

Some folks refer to the President as the Twitter-in-Chief. Well, he should also be considered as the Litigator-in-Chief. He tossed out provocative statements at campaign rallies like they were candy. At one rally in Louisville, he exhorted his supporters to rough up a couple of protesters. He also added, as the protesters were being forced

 A panel discussion in Chicago addressed workplace bullying.  See ABA Journal report.  According to the panel of experts, one-third of employees suffer some workplace bullying.  Dept. of Justice statistics say two million violent crimes occur each year in the workplace.  Workplace bullying is defined as verbal bullying, as well as physical altercations.

The experts

The City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security has produced a YouTube video describing what you should do if a shooter enters your work place or some other public space.  Always have a plan, says the video.  Be aware of your surroundings.  

The video, called "Ride, Hide, Fight" says if

Workplace frustration boiled over in a westside San Antonio restaurant last month.  A waitress reacted badly when her work hours were reduced.  Maria Benavidez expressed frustration at her reduced hours.  She looked at the manager’s stepson’s paycheck – who also worked there.  Her manager told her to leave and called the police.  Ms. Benavidez then

 Another incident of workplace violence.  This time in Connecticut.  See news report.  The shooter’s family say the shooter had been harassed due to his race, African-American.  In any event, he was video taped stealing some product.  The morning of the shooting, he was going to a disciplinary hearing.  He had worked for the beer