Another incident of workplace violence.  This time in Connecticut.  See news report.  The shooter’s family say the shooter had been harassed due to his race, African-American.  In any event, he was video taped stealing some product.  The morning of the shooting, he was going to a disciplinary hearing.  He had worked for the beer distributor for some two years driving a truck. 

Unfortunately, workplace violence happens.  OSHA has a helpful website.  OSHA refers the reader to a publication by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.  NIOSH suggests various ways of identifying and reducing work stress.  There is no excuse for shooting and murder. But, many employers have weak or nonexistent tools for dealing with workplace issues.  The simple answer in an at-will state is to quit a bad job.  But, for some folks, quitting is not an option, or it is not an option, yet.  I cannot remind the reader enough that if you have a problem employee, you need to perform appropriate verbal and written counseling.  Take appropriate disciplinary action for all employees.  And, yes, listen to employees and deal with issues.  

But, as my colleague says at Connecticut Employment Law, ultimately, even when you do everything right, that is no guarantee that shootings will not occur.  See post.