I don’t get it, sometimes. People want to play “social engineering” with the veteran community. Yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz announced his defense policy. One of his policy planks is to deny the military gluten-free meals. Gluten-free MRE’s are “politically correct,” the candidate urged. See Time News report.

The same day, National Public Radio has

Well, the state Senate passed a measure that would restrict Hazlewood recipients to veterans who served six years or longer. That means the average veteran who does his or her 3 years and leaves would not qualify. And, the benefits must be used within 15 years of service, according to the Senate version. That means

The jury will decide whether Juan Alonzo-Miranda needed a dog at work to deal with his PTSD. The testimony wrapped up yesterday in the trial regarding his request for an accommodation. Schlumberger hired a psychiatrist to testify. Dr. Seth Silverman never examined Mr. Alonzo-Miranda. All he knows is what he learned by reading documents. But,