The National Labor Relations Act has always protected a worker’s right to discuss “terms and conditions” of employment. Sec. 7 of the NLRA protects the right of workers to discuss conditions at their job. Sec. 7 of the NLRA is found at 29 U.S.C. § 158(a)(1). 

But, because labor unions are so rare in the

I met a neighbor at a recent gathering.  He asked a good question.  Can a boss can look at an employee’s Facebook comments?  Apparently, a friend of the neighbor left his computer at work open to Facebook.  "Jim" had posted something unfavorable about his employer, a major retailer.  Well, there is a lot wrapped into

 It is a little known provision found in the National Labor Relations Act.  An employee has the right to discuss "terms and conditions " of employment with other employees.  An employee can discuss whether they like their supervisor or whether they are paid enough.  Discussions about work issues were seen as the precursor to forming

 A little known provision in the National Labor Relations Act  provides protection to employees when they discuss "terms and conditions" of employment.  The discussion must be between two or more employees.  The purpose of this provision (remember, the NLRA was passed in 1935) was to protect employees who may be forming a union.  But, for