So, Jonathan Martin is traded to the San Fransisco Forty-Niners, a team where he wanted to play.  He is friends with the head coach of the Forty-Niners, Jim Harbaugh.  And, so ends the bullying fiasco at the Miami Dolphins. See CBS News report. Two of his main harassers, Richie Incognito and John Jerry have been

The report regarding the harassment of Jonathan Martin has been issued.  It finds that he was bullied.  That is not a surprise.  I previously wrote about the harassment of the NFL player  here.  The NFL investigator found that guard John Perry and center Mike Pouncey followed Richie Incognito’s lead in harassing Mr. Martin.  Mr.

In the NFL, the older players haze the rookies.  It has been that way at least as long as there has been an NFL.  Like most rookies on the Miami Dolphin football team, Jonathan Martin, an African-American player was hazed.  Unlike most rookies (and now a second year player), he walked away from his NFL