So, Jonathan Martin is traded to the San Fransisco Forty-Niners, a team where he wanted to play.  He is friends with the head coach of the Forty-Niners, Jim Harbaugh.  And, so ends the bullying fiasco at the Miami Dolphins. See CBS News report. Two of his main harassers, Richie Incognito and John Jerry have been declared free agents. So, they will be gone.  I wrote about this bullying episode here.  

And, so ends most bullying incidents, if they end at all. The workplace is turned upside down, key workers leave or are forced out. The offensive line coach was fired, as was the long-term head trainer.  And, it could have turned out much better if managers (i.e., coaches) had simply addressed the issue much sooner. I am repeatedly surprised at the lack of leadership displayed so often in major employers. In the Army, they taught us to address issues sooner than later.  If you deal with things sooner, the leader can turn an ugly situation into a "teaching point."  A negative can become a positive. Instead, the Dolphins have to re-create their entire offensive line.