One would hope for better from the U.S. Postal Service.  They employ many veterans.  They have a veterans hiring program.  But, in the case of Army Reserve Sergeant Major Richard Erickson, the USPS attempted to terminate his employment even before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started.  SGM Erickson was fired from his USPS job

There are reams of social science on what "discrimination" is.  How is it formed?  What level of bias rises to the level of "discrimination"?  These questions and more abound.  We see these questions regarding the hiring of Charley Strong, the first black head football coach at the University of Texas.  UT is famous or infamous

Major Nicole Mitchell has served in the Air Force Reserve some 20 years.  In her civilian life, she was an anchor for the Weather Channel.  Ms. Mitchell was forced out in 2010.  She has filed a claim alleging discrimination due to her Reserve status.  She says that after NBC (and Bain Capital and the Blackstone

 Employer Support of the Guard/Reserve (ESGR) sends out a DVD to help employers mange their Reserve/Guard employees.  Having served some 25 years in the Guard/Reserve, I am very familiar with ESGR.  They did well for a Guard colleague some ten years ago.  The colleague returned to his civilian job from a US Army school, but