The female administrator who sent some bawdy emals has resigned.  Donna Laird, the former radiography director for St. Phillip’s College quit after an investigation into her sexist, racist and raunchy emails.  See San Antonio Express News report.  I previously discussed her emails and the EEOC complaint by Warren Parker here.  Mr. Parker was supervisied by Ms. Laird.  He received, he says, hundreds of Ms. Laird’s emails.  He claimed sex based discrimination when he was denied tenure.  

But, the St. Phillip’s investigation found that the emails depicted negative stereotypes of many groups and were sent to men and women, suggesting a lack of bias.  The investigation also indicated that Mr. Parker used some of the emails as "ice breakers" during his classes and his private business seminars.  

Mr. Parker has already been terminated due to his having taken a sick day to do some work on his side business, teaching radiography.  Rebecca Sanchez, former chairwoman of the allied health department has also resigned.  She received many of Ms. Laird’s emails and did not object to them, found the investigation. 

Note the issues here.  Racist, sexist emails are never good.  But, if you send them to all genders, all races, the suggestion is a lack of bias.  This is a complicated, risky defense.  But, in theory, a supervisor can escape charges of discrimination if the supervisor is mean to all races and both genders.  ….  Still, the safer approach is just avoid sending racist, sexist emails.  Ms. Laird says she sent the emails to reduce stress at work.  Now, she has ample opportunity to reduce work related stress.