So, just a few days after he made racial comments, Louis Agnese, President of UIW, has been fired. The Board of Trustees said it would not condone those sorts of comments. And, now it has voted to remove him as President. See San Antonio Express News report. The man who raised University of the Incarnate

A recurring question is what can an interviewer can ask in a job interview. Here are some things to consider…… or not.

1. How old are you? Be very careful about asking this question. There are very few jobs where age is an appropriate question for a job interview. If asked at the wrong time,

Some folks think discrimination is over. They believe there is no more “true” bias among us, these days. Well, that is not true. The Dallas Independent School District has demonstrated that bias among upper management is still with us. The head of the Dallas ISD Human Resources department has resigned, as has one of her

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Employment cases are exceedingly difficult, with numerous deadlines and traps for the unwary. We see some of these traps in the case of Prewitt v. Continental Automotive, No. 12-CV-582 (W.D. Tex. 8/28/2014). In this case, Larry Prewitt alleged that he had been terminated due to several reasons: race discrimination

It is never good to annoy a judge during a trial. Yet, that is what John V. Garza, former Republican state representative from San Antonio, did in federal court earlier this week. In the lawsuit concerning alleged racial gerrymandering by the Republican party, Mr. Garza testified about a conversation with other state representatives in 2011.

In Willis v. CLECO Corp., No. 13-30217, (5th Cir. 4/8/14), the Fifth Circuit panel reverses summary judgment regarding a disciplinary write-up, but affirms summary judgment regarding the termination of an African-American worker. Gregory Willis’ lawyer did not do him any favors in failing to point to specific pages from Mr. Willis’ deposition. Those pages

The report regarding the harassment of Jonathan Martin has been issued.  It finds that he was bullied.  That is not a surprise.  I previously wrote about the harassment of the NFL player  here.  The NFL investigator found that guard John Perry and center Mike Pouncey followed Richie Incognito’s lead in harassing Mr. Martin.  Mr.

Emails can reveal so much.  In an ongoing dispute between the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association and the Brownsville Independent School District, the plaintiff obtained thousands of emails between various quasi-state officials.  The emails concerned Brownsville ISD’s requests for insurance coverage for damage caused by Hurricane Dolly in 2008.  The emails reveal frequent racist comments that

The lawyer for Bev Kearney, former track coach at the University of Texas, says they will file suit, soon regarding her EEOC complaint.  Coach Kearney won six national titles in track at UT.  Her EEOC complaint alleges discrimination based on race, gender and retaliation.  She was suspended because school officials discovered she had had a

 Filing charges of EEOC complaints has reached an all-time high.  Though just a small increase over 2010, the filings reflect the state of the economy.  Filings generally rise when the economy worsens.  That is due, I believe, to employers taking advantage of the economic "cover" to get rid of employees and more terminations simply cause