Pregnancy Discrimination Act

There are many things an interviewer can ask a job applicant. But, you do need to be careful about some questions. Here are some things to consider.

1. How old are you? Be very careful about asking this question. There are very few jobs where someone can ask you your age and the question itself

The Fifth Circuit issued an interesting decision reversing summary judgment. In Heinsohn v. Carabin and Shaw, No. 15-50300, 2016 WL 4011160 (5th Cir. 7/26/2017), the higher court found the employer did not have policies in place to support its claim that it fired a Legal Assistant for missing an appeal deadline and for allegedly

According to a recent study, lawsuits based on family care or pregnancy discrimination are on the rise. The Center for Worklife Law at the University of California produced the study. The Center found that lawsuits based on pregnancy discrimination or caring for family members more than tripled from 2006 to 2015. The study also found

I previously wrote about an employer who fired a female employee when she became pregnant. The Houston office of Wayne Wright, LLP then sued her after she filed a charge with the EEOC. See my prior post here. At about the same time as those events unfolded, the same law firm, Wayne Wright, LLP,

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued its decision in Young v. UPS. Young concerned a female driver who became pregnant and was then refused an accommodation involving lifting restrictions. She could not lift over a certain weight limit. The plaintiff argued that she was treated differently than non-pregnant drivers with disabilities who could receive

According to a recent report, pregnant women are denied basic accommodations allowed for persons with disabilities.  These pregnant women are forced to quit.  Employers in particular deny accommodations to low wage workers who are pregnant.  The report by the National Women’s Law Center and A Better Balance cites such examples as a woman at a