I previously wrote about an employer who fired a female employee when she became pregnant. The Houston office of Wayne Wright, LLP then sued her after she filed a charge with the EEOC. See my prior post here. At about the same time as those events unfolded, the same law firm, Wayne Wright, LLP, who demands respect and justice for its clients, fired another female paralegal when she became pregnant. In the El Paso office of Wayne Wright, the law firm fired Erika Hernandez when she became pregnant. Ms. Hernandez filed suit, but the firm invoked an arbitration agreement. On appeal, the El Paso Court of Appeals reversed the trial court and found the existence of a valid arbitration agreement. So, the matter will proceed to arbitration. See Wayne Wright, LLP v. Hernandez, Mo. 14-00303, 2015 WL 4389582 (Tex.App. El Paso 7/17/2015).

Some employers just will not tolerate pregnancy…..