Awhile back, I watched another episode of Undercover Boss.  As they often do, the boss revealed himself at the end of the show, handed out thousands to deserving employees who are struggling, promoted one or two who clearly deserved it, hugged his workers and explained why his company was good and pledged himself to make

There has been much talk in law review articles and some seminars about the disappearing jury trial in federal courts.  The courts are granting dismissals and summary judgments more and more.  So, these days, the true battle is often over the employer’s motion for summary judgment.  Mike Maslanka recognizes that new dymanic when he pens

Under Title VII, a plaintiff can seek reinstatement if s/he wins the lawsuit.  But, many plaintiffs do not want to return to their old job.  No matter how much they may have loved their job, they fear returning to a discriminatory environment.  With proper protections, the plaintiff’s attitude might change about returning.  Many – actually

 Its a repulsive case, one in which a large company was able to effectively buy "justice."  Highlighted on 60 Minutes and elsewhere.  Now, the US Supreme Court has spoken and found in favor of the good guys.  Caperton v. AT Massey Coal Co. Inc.  But, as Mike Maslanka points out, it could lead to other issues, such