Its a repulsive case, one in which a large company was able to effectively buy "justice."  Highlighted on 60 Minutes and elsewhere.  Now, the US Supreme Court has spoken and found in favor of the good guys.  Caperton v. AT Massey Coal Co. Inc.  But, as Mike Maslanka points out, it could lead to other issues, such as more requests for judges  to recuse themselves from a case.  But, as Mike adds, when the rights of one are trampled, the rights of all are trampled.  It was a 5-4 decision, so it was close.  But, it needed to be made. 

For those less familiar with the judging business, judges run for election.  They need campaign dollars to do so.  The judges in the West Virginia Supreme Court run for election, as in most states.  One judge received $2.5 million from one coal company.  When a case concerning that coal company came to the bench, the West Virginia judge, his pockets stuffed with $2.5 million, refused to recuse himself from the case.  Guess who he ruled in favor of.  Justice was not blind that day…..