Memorial Day is a time to remember those veterans who gave all they had to give for us. I always think of  1SGT Saenz at times like this. Some 100 of us IRR members met at Ft. Jackson on March 13, 2005. We reported to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina for in-processing and reintroduction to the

War memorials are close to the heart of every veteran, especially those of us who have served in a time of conflict. You do not really appreciate war memorials until you have lost a buddy or two and then come home. In American Legion v. American Humanist Assoc., No. 17-1717 (6/20/2019), the U.S. Supreme

 Memorial Day is a time to recall those who served our country.  It is also a time to recall that selfless service is surely one of man’s greatest virtues.  The San Antonio Express News ran a story about some veterans who are raising money for a Texas version of the Viet Nam War Memorial wall.

 A post the day after Memorial Day about an excellent soldier lost in the killing districts of Baghdad:

The ripple effects of losing an excellent soldier like 1SGT Saenz spread far and wide.  One soldier with a heart of gold enlisted in the active army in response.  Other soldiers simply look back at 1SGT Saenz