War memorials are close to the heart of every veteran, especially those of us who have served in a time of conflict. You do not really appreciate war memorials until you have lost a buddy or two and then come home. In American Legion v. American Humanist Assoc., No. 17-1717 (6/20/2019), the U.S. Supreme

 Memorial Day is a time to recall those who served our country.  It is also a time to recall that selfless service is surely one of man’s greatest virtues.  The San Antonio Express News ran a story about some veterans who are raising money for a Texas version of the Viet Nam War Memorial wall.

 A post the day after Memorial Day about an excellent soldier lost in the killing districts of Baghdad:  


The ripple effects of losing an excellent soldier like 1SGT Saenz spread far and wide.  One soldier with a heart of gold enlisted in the active army in response.  Other soldiers simply look back at 1SGT Saenz