Memorial Day is a time to recall those who served our country.  It is also a time to recall that selfless service is surely one of man’s greatest virtues.  The San Antonio Express News ran a story about some veterans who are raising money for a Texas version of the Viet Nam War Memorial wall.  They also visit homeless vets in and around San Antonio and offer support.  See story.  One veteran compared his service in the Army in Iraq to that found when serving homeless vets and working on the wall: "The highest of the highs was was just the camaraderie between us.  We were brothers, man, you know what I’m saying?"

We recall the service and sacrifice of many veterans of all America’s conflicts.  But, we should also recall the "highest of the highs."  As a veteran, I feel lucky to have fellow veterans like Eustice Hawker and his veterans organization.  In this country, we have our differences.  But, on this day, we come together.  

This Memorial Day, thank a veteran for his/her service.