Once again, the President has attacked a federal judge, claiming the judge is based. Judge Amit Mehta found that it was “simply unfathomable” that a Congress that is constitutionally authorized to remove the president cannot investigate that that same president. The judge was denying a request from the White House to stop a subpoena to

Matthew Spencer Petersen has withdraw his nomination for a federal judicial post. See CBS news report. I wrote about his awful testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee here. Mr. Petersen essentially admitted that he had no background in litigation or criminal law. Being a judge, he would need to know a bit about

The American Bar Association hs been reviewing proposed judges’ qualifications for decades. The President nominates a federal judge, and the ABA reviews and assigns a rating. For the first time since 2006, it has publicly rated a judge “not qualified.” It found Leonard Steven Grasz, a Nebraska lawyer, unqualified for the the position of judge

Among Pres. Trump’s recent nominations for a judgeship is Brett Talley, Harvard graduate, and conservative blogger. He is rated as “not qualified” by the American Bar Association standing committee on judicial nominations. The committee’s vote to rate him not qualified was unanimous. He is also a paranormal investigator, a ghost hunter. He is young for

There is a reason why we lawyers prefer judges who can keep their cool.  We call it "judicial temperament."   It describes the ability to keep one’s cool even when very irritated by the inevitable human foibles in court.   The judge in this Youtube video lacks judicial temperament.  The judge "goes off" on a

I forget where I first heard this sage advice: do not mess with teachers in the classroom, judges in the courtroom or police in the streets.  Now I am a lawyer and know all too well, do not disrespect judges in the courtroom.  It only leads to trouble.  One Houston lawyer with a large law

 Sometimes, the best advocacy is the least advocacy.  Subtle can persuade better than histrionics.  Read Mike Maslanka’s post about the president‘s speech last week.  When the President was accused of lying, he did not over-react.  He under-reacted.  His subtle reaction said more than histrionics ever could.  Mike then relates a similar experience from one