There is a reason why we lawyers prefer judges who can keep their cool.  We call it "judicial temperament."   It describes the ability to keep one’s cool even when very irritated by the inevitable human foibles in court.   The judge in this Youtube video lacks judicial temperament.  The judge "goes off" on a pastor who is trying to complete a divorce.  Rev. Arthur D. Hage spoke to the press, apparently when he was not supposed to.  The judge yells so loud that his words are had to understand.  See video and ABA Bar Journal report.  

The wife is attempting to sell a house, which is necessary to complete the property settlement.  But, Rev. Hage objects to selling a house that has some termite damage and mold issues.  Judge Watkins accuses the Reverend of lying regarding his income or lack of income and has another meltdown.  The judge invites the opposing counsel to seek attorney’s fees.  

Rev, Hage submitted a copy of the tape to the West Virginia Judicial Investigation Commission and posted a copy to Youtube.