SSGT David bellavia was just awarded the Medal of Honor. He took out a building that was threatening his platoon. His battle devolved into hand-to-hand combat at times. In his speech, he gave credit to his squad, his platoon and his company. He recognized his interpreter, Sammy, who was just made a U.S. citizen. Sammy,

I am not surprised really. A young Iraqi man was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight after he spoke Arabic on his cell phone. He was talking to his uncle and describing an event earlier that week at which the head of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, had appeared. In closing the phone call with

I first published this post in 2009.  It seems only more relevant now.  Anti-Muslim bias is more prevalent than it ought to be. I appreciate who and what attacked us on Sept. 1, 2001.  But, my experience has taught me something a bit different. 

I served one year in Iraq as an Army officer.  I

In Iraq and Afghanistan, Moslem interpreters help us everyday with the war effort.  Interpreters assume a special risk.  They are targeted whenever possible.  See report of an Iraqi interpreter who was killed in Samarra by his son and nephew.  His son and nephew are said to be members of Al-Qaeda.  Samarra is heavily Sunni, so