In Iraq and Afghanistan, Moslem interpreters help us everyday with the war effort.  Interpreters assume a special risk.  They are targeted whenever possible.  See report of an Iraqi interpreter who was killed in Samarra by his son and nephew.  His son and nephew are said to be members of Al-Qaeda.  Samarra is heavily Sunni, so this report could be true.  We could not carry on the war with any degree of success without these hundreds of interpreters.  

Muhsin said al-Daraji worked for us since 2003.  His family constantly urged him to stop working for Coalition Forces (ie, US forces).  See CBS news report.  That is probably too long to work for Coalition Forces.  The longer you work for us, the more you become a target.  My interpreter when I served in Iraq also worked for CF from the beginning.  She was caught, tortured and killed in 2006.  

Hundreds, thousands of other Iraqi and Afghans cooperate with us in a wide variety of ways.  They too become targets.  When I was in Iraq serving in the US Army, we had to meet with Iraqi contractors far away from prying eyes out in the desert somewhere.  That was for their safety, not ours. 

Yet, I continue to hear Americans claiming Islam is violent and all Moslems seek jihad against us…..