Truck drivers and many others are tested for drug use routinely. The practice of conducting drug testing has become pervasive across a wide swath of industries. But, what happens when a drug testing company gets it wrong? What happens when the laboratory makes a mistake? Having received many of these phone calls, I can tell

In Union Pacific RR Co. v. American Railway & Airway Supervisors Assoc., No. 18-50110 (5th Cir. 12/16/2020), the Fifth Circuit reversed a grant of summary judgment in favor of the employer. A railroad employee, Roland Beltran, twice tested positive on a drug test. Aided by the union, he appealed to arbitration. He presented evidence

Many employers require drug tests for their employees. What happens when the drug testing laboratory commits an error regarding the test? Failing a drug test can result in termination. That is what happened in Exxon Mobil Corp. v. Rincones, 520 S.W.3d 572 (Tex. 2017). The employer had a random drug testing program. Exxon Mobil

 Many employers have zero tolerance for drug testing.  I served in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard for 25 years.  The US Army had a so-called zero tolerance policy for NCO’s and officers.  Any Non-Commissioned officer or commissioned officer caught doing drugs in a drug test would be automatically discharged.  If the offender was

 Employers do the craziest things.  One employer in Tennessee, according to this report, tested employees for using *lawful* prescription drugs.  Yes, the employer was testing for prescription drugs. They apparently rook action against employees who refused to stop taking some prescription drugs.  The EEOC filed suit, saying these tests amounted to unlawful medical inquiries.