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Ralph Bolado settled a discrimination suit against the San Antonio River Authority. SARA maintains water control features in the San Antonio River watershed. The parties agreed to settle the matter for $210,000. That amount includes $83,000 in lost pay, $41,000 in compensatory damages, $85,000 in attorney’s fees and six months of medical benefits for Mr.

One of the unintended consequences of arbitration is what to do when arbitration is invoked? Employment arbitrations typically start with an employment lawsuit. The employee often forgets s/he had even signed an arbitration agreement. So, the employee files the lawsuit, not anticipating a claim for arbitration. Then, the employer pulls out the arbitration agreement from

In one recent case, the employer did not move for summary judgment or otherwise seek to dismiss. The case was filed by Jamel Blanton, Arica-American, and alleged racial and sexual discrimination. The female restaurant manager was accused of saying such things as: “do all black guys have big penises?” “What I would do for you

I love the free enterprise system. But, it only works well if we are smart consumers. There are many sellers out there who will try to sell us things we do not need. My girlfriend was looking at a new car, recently. She asked for a breakdown of the total cost. She was quite surprised

Many, if not all discrimination cases, require that the employee compare him/herself to other employees. It is simply the nature of employment lawsuits that a victim alleges s/he was treated differently than others. To make that allegation, the employee must seek documents and records concerning his/her fellow employees. So, it is no surprise that Coach

Well, she said she would and now she has.  Coach Bev Kearney filed suit against the University of Texas alleging race discrimination.  She has filed suit alleging discrimination based on race and gender.  I previously wrote about her EEOC charge here and here.  In her lawsuit, she claims that she was treated differently than

The lawyer for Bev Kearney, former track coach at the University of Texas, says they will file suit, soon regarding her EEOC complaint.  Coach Kearney won six national titles in track at UT.  Her EEOC complaint alleges discrimination based on race, gender and retaliation.  She was suspended because school officials discovered she had had a

The racial discrimination allegations against Paula Deen and her brother have been dismissed.  The claims which remain include sexual discrimination claims.  I previously wrote about the lawsuit against Ms. Deen here.  Apparently, the plaintiff in the lawsuit is a white female, who alleged she was offended by discrimination against black workers.  The judge noted

I get calls now and then from folks who are the subject of a discrimination investigation.  The best thing you can do is cooperate with the investigation.  You are still an employee and could be terminated for failing to cooperate with an investigation.  Do not expect fairness or even high quality.  There is no duty