Ralph Bolado settled a discrimination suit against the San Antonio River Authority. SARA maintains water control features in the San Antonio River watershed. The parties agreed to settle the matter for $210,000. That amount includes $83,000 in lost pay, $41,000 in compensatory damages, $85,000 in attorney’s fees and six months of medical benefits for Mr. Bolado and his family. It is rare for a plaintiff to receive money for compensatory (emotional suffering) damages. That suggests Bold had some good evidence.

Mr. Bolado worked at the Converse location for SARA. The allegations include that Bolado and a Black female worker were subjected to racial comments by their supervisor. When Bolado complained, he was assigned to menial tasks, such as picking up trash and pulling weeds.

In 2018, the supervisor called Bolado an obscenity. Bolado replied that his name was Ralph. The supervisor then threw a PVC pipe at Bolado. The pipe broke Bolado’s nose. His injuries required surgery. Bolado then complained to HR about his supervisors racial comments. But, HR told Bolado he was pushing every one under the bus. SARS took no action against the supervisor. But, later the supervisor resigned in lieu of termination after the PVC pipe incident.

See San Antonio Express News report.