Employers do some crazy things, sometimes. One employer in New Braunfels has been paying “volunteers” with gift cards and fabric. Quilt Haus and Way to Sew have been paying some workers with gift cards payable to the store itself. The workers would receive one gift card valued at $8 for each hour of work. The

So, fewer “managers” will be eligible for overtime. The Department of Labor raised the salary rate at which overtime would apply. I previously wrote about this change here. The salary level for certain low level managerial jobs is currently $23,660. If a low level manager is paid that amount or less, s/he would be

Department of Labor has released a Disability Nondiscrimination Law Adviser.  Once the reader answers some general questions, the adviser will provide some a customized list of statutes that apply to the reader’s particular business and the requirements of those statutes.  See DOL website.  The stated purpose of the Adviser is to allow employers to