I write a blog.  For me, a blog is commentary, not a news source.  I cannot imagine trying to cover news from a blog.  But, Roger Shuler has been doing just that with his blog, Legal Schnauzer.  And, now he has been arrested for defamation.  

Mr. Shuler writes a blog from Brimingham, Alabama.  He

This is a blog.  Blogs are growing in popularity.  On this blog, you can find my name and contact information easily.  But, a few blogs are anonymous for various reasons.  One such blog, "Reynolds News & Information," was started by an anonymous blogger known as "Trooper."  The blog attacked an Ohio based software developer, Reynolds

Joseph Rakofsky sued some 74 people, who had the temerity to criticize him on the internet and other places.  I previously wrote about his lawsuit against everybody here.  He filed suit in the state of New York against everyone from the Washington Post to the ABA Bar Journal  to J-Dog84@yahoo.com.  He sued a few

I first wrote about this issue here.  John Gibson, a lawyer in North Texas, picked a name for his blog, www.texasworkerscomplaw.com.  The Texas Department of Insurance, Workers Compensation Division, sent him a "cease and desist" letter accusing him of violating a state statute that forbids the use of "texas" and "workers compensation" in connection

About a month ago, a lawyer in Washington DC represented a man charged with a felony. Apparently, the lawyer ran into some problems.  The judge berated him for being inexperienced and unprepared for the case.  A private investigator claimed that the lawyer told him to trick a witness into testifying that she did not see

So, you get angry with your employer.  They fire you.  You want to get back at them for what "they" did to you.  Most people start thinking lawsuit.  Not Edward Harrington.  He decided to start a blog complaining about his former employer, Levinson Axelrod, a prominent New Jersey law firm.  He started a blog called