The employer who lost its discrimination trial in 2012 has dropped its appeal.  A jury in U.S. district court awarded three plaintiffs $200,000 in damages.  That amount was later reduced to $140,000 due to statutory caps on damages.  See San Antonio Express News report.  

The manager was accused of using the "n" word frequently and of referring to African-American workers as "you people" and as "boy."  I previously wrote about this trial here. The EEOC has reached a settlement with the employer. See EEOC announcement. That would be a wise move.  The evidence of discrimination in this case does not get any better than racist statements like those. 

AA Foundries agreed to pay $20,000 to Kathy White as part of the settlement, even though the jury did not find in Ms. White’s favor. That is one of the positive things about a settlement – a party can agree to things they could not otherwise obtain at trial. The employer agreed to pay the full value awarded to the other workers. This is also a nice win for the EEOC, who are often maligned by both employers and employees.