Lawyers in each of the 50 states are investigated regarding various grievances every day. Most of us respect that process. One lawyer in Connecticut respected the grievance process less than others. Bar association investigators contacted Lawyer David J. Kurzawa for information about a grievance filed against him. He told them he was too busy fishing to respond at the moment. He told the investigators they were not a priority at the time.

He went on to describe his successful fishing trip to a Maine lake. They caught 50 fish, all of which they released, except for one dinner. They cooked three fish 20 to 22 inches long. The fish were dipped in egg batter and bread crumbs, fried in peanut oil. The peanut oil will dissolve any remaining soft bones left in the fillets. They applied lemon juice to the cooked fish. The result was “to die for,” assured the lawyer. Mr. Kurzawa said he would respond to them regarding this “terrible offense” next week.

The grievance concerned two checks drawn on Kurzawa’s Trust fund, which had bounced. But, the lawyer was busy with his fish. He also had a real estate closing to get to soon. There were documents that had to be signed before he left. Right now, he said, their investigation was not a priority. He tells his children all the time that they are surrounded by idiots. It is important to teach people to THINK, he told the investigators.

He did add in a separate letter that he and math do not get along. (Many of us can commiserate). Mr. Kurzawa was first admitted to the bar in 1987 and has no history of grievance problems. (That might be about to change). See ABA Bar Journal report here.