So, AG Ken Paxton is in trouble with the Texas Bar Association for filing a frivolous lawsuit. And, so is Sidney Powell. I previously wrote about Ms. Powell’s many frivolous election lawsuits here and here. I mentioned then that it seemed like she was playing dice with her law license. It turns out she was in fact playing dice with her law license. The Texas Bar has found merit to ten complaints filed about Ms. Powell’s frivolous lawsuits. The Dallas lawyer has already been sanctioned by one federal judge.

A Bar Association committee has found that Ms. Powell had no “reassemble basis” to deny that her lawsuits were frivolous. Filing frivolous lawsuits violates federal court procedure and state professional ethical rules, added the Committee. The Committee also found that she “unreasonably increased” the costs of those lawsuits. That means she filed suits lacking in evidence which required the opponent to hire lawyers and incur expense in defending. Those are the criteria for finding the lawsuits to be frivolous.

The Committee also found that Ms. Powell filed a certification of Dominion voting equipment in which she cropped out the date. She did this to make the document appear to be undated. If true, that is a very serious action for a lawyer to take. See San Antonio Express News report here.

So, yes, incredibly, Ms. Powell did indeed make bets with her law license. One wonders why. Elections are fleeting. A law license is a lifetime achievement.