Zoom hearings have become common place. Those court hearings also see appearances by lay persons. As with any busy court house pre-pandemic, some lay persons do not appreciate the serious ness of the courtroom. One recent non-lawyer appeared at a district court hearing in Centreville, Michigan. His screen name was “buttf—er 3000.” The judge was not amused. He immediately asked the man to identify himself, as soon as he logged in. The judge referred to the apparent party to a lawsuit as an “idiot.”

His name was Nathaniel Saxon or Saxton, he said. The judge asked him why his screen name said “buttf—er 3000”? Nathaniel apologized. But, Judge Middleton still sent him to a Zoom waiting room, “to think about what you call yourself online.”

It turns out the Zoom account was set up for him by his sister. He did manage to change the screen name before the hearing ended. This is a remarkable story,  but not so remarkable when compared to live hearings. At live hearings, some litigants come to court wearing strange things and carrying strange things. Its just another day in court.

See ABA Bar Journal report for more information.