A lot of folks are upset about the killing of George Floyd. With good reason. How far would you go to protest his death? Two lawyers in New York City decided they should fire bomb police cruisers to show their feelings. An associate lawyer at Pryor Cashman, a large firm in New York, named Colinford Mattis, and a second lawyer named Urooj Rahman, decided to toss a Molotov cocktail trough the broken window of a police car during protests. Mr. Mattis was on furlough from his firm.

The two terrorists were seen driving away. Officers pursued and apprehended the pair. They had more materials in their van to make more Molotov cocktails. Mr. Mattis, African-American, graduated from NYU law school and attended Princeton University undergraduate. Ms. Rahman attended Fordham University law school. Her building superintendent described her as an “angel” who recently lost her job.  She formerly worked at Bronx Legal Services. See ABA Bar Journal report here.

There are other, less violent ways to protest the very unjust killing of Mr. Floyd.

Be Safe. The pandemic is not over.